Week 3 : Goal Check In and Inspirational Poster

REFLECTING on my goal on week 3….

Pondering over why in the first place i took up this course apart from gaining knowledge and connecting with like minded learners, i am really feeling encouraged that the western approach of accepting and embracing Yoga even with just basic evidence of science to back it up. The survey numbers and factors relating to science in yoga presented by Catherine Span is uplifting 🙂 Very well done.

In Week 2 I spoke about how important a daily schedule is for me, and thus far it has been working fantastic in my life. Embarking on any given endeavor in this case the course with goals in mind is indeed a very important factor for me and definitely rewarding in the long term. So yes i am pleased with how i am going about in this course keeping the goals in mind.

I have been exploring the practice of wheel of awareness in my daily practice and i am very pleased with it. I came across this blog, and found that the downloadable podcast very helpful. Besides my daily yoga practice, i was able to include on the mat practice from the course which of course reinforced my current knowledge and also it is always enlightening to experience the teaching of different instructors. I particularly love how Stacy describes the postures with some awesome metaphors. It is simplified and to the point.

Th one thing i would like to include is that i am yet to go through some of the interviews featuring special guests due to my travels, which i will be attempting to listen to next week.



Strong imagery with inspirational messages has always been something i have adored growing up reading! They have had so much impact into who i am today i must say. I used to collect quotes after quotes neatly tucked into a lovely book of mine. I love inspirational words, quotes that make me think and ponder, it almost like it encompasses this power to radically change ones thinking if not at least to ponder over them thereby challenging the current comfortable status quo… for me.




So while being asked to prepare one, these words been in my mind lately.

Awareness| Breath |Knowing

Garudasana or Eagle Pose is an asana. Sanskrit: गरुडासन; Garuda – Eagle, Asana – Pose; Pronounced As – gah-roo-dah-sah-nah
Garuda is the Sanskrit term for eagle. Indian mythology suggests that Garuda was the king of all birds. This bird not only served as the vehicle of Lord Vishnu but was also a frontrunner when it came to fighting against demons. Garuda also means devour. Being an old representation of the mythical phoenix, they say that the Garuda identifies itself with the “all-consuming fire of the sun’s rays”.


A headstand leg variation. I tried to do a split variation of sirsasana, and to my surprise, beach yoga is actually my thing. Love nature!


vrksa = tree

In deep stillness and connection to breath lies the power that exist within in us all. No matter what our outer senses may dictate at any moment, the innate power lies within us. And so awakening the sense of awareness and knowing. A continuous reminder that keeps popping up to me as i evolve in my daily practice. Grateful 🙂


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