Week 2 : Weekly Goal & Off The Mat Assignment

I was travelling the whole of last week but managed to catch up on the lectures. I function the best with a full proof routine/schedule which is already in place. I usually draw up one at the very beginning of the year and reflect upon it every 3 months. The practice of meditation and yoga pretty much keeps me going, although i need to admit, sometimes things don’t always follow the routine planned out. But instead of 30 minutes or 1 hour of meditation, i allocate about 5 to 10 minutes for the days i am not able to honor these times.

My Weekly and the Course Goal is to completely give my allocated time for the lessons and follow through the type of meditation we are currently learning at the program until we complete the lessons. I must say i am completely in love with the compassion meditation and i find them to be really heart warming and energetically very positive.


What can i do today?

Putting aside my usual meditation and practicing Dr Siegals wheel of awareness or any other meditation/ yoga practice that will be introduced throughout the course.


Habit formation has been the very core of my suffering, initially! Because deep down i know what should be done and yet not do it, thus going back in circles perpetuating the very habits that make my life suck! Literally! But as CS Lewis said, its good to be confused, be broken, be frustrated, be sad and finally be bold and brave, be whatever I you are right now, there is power in acceptance and once you have accepted yourself, there is room for more.

What i mean by acceptance? Accepting at this very moment you are this person you completely disagree, dislike about, but thats okay, because they are the very path to knowing what it is that you want.

Knowing what i want and actually doing it, is a fine thin line and thats where the magic lies 🙂 What i am getting at is i am always trying to better myself ( depending on the state of mind i am currently entertaining ) and change was something i struggled with alot. And so i had to teach myself new patterns of thought about a change i was contemplating. God knows how many books, and videos i have read but there are a few that has tremendously helped me in my journey on cultivating habits. Pomodoro technique, dont break the chain, 30 days challenge are some of the few techniques that i have tested and succeeded, which i sometimes use them especially for certain task i catch myself mulling over.




“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

Of course with the accessibility to the best and latest apparatus and technology and not to mention the social medias, i had to draw some line somewhere. I now look at the access to the world wide web a blessing in disguise. One has to know what to derive from something, whether it is contributing or affecting ones habits.

Truth to be told, i now have control of what and how i do it, and it was life long practice and teaching myself new habits and i cannot stress enough on a good schedule/daily routine that one can draw for themselves. They make life so much easier, well for me, i can always know what, where and how i am spending my 24 hours. And any time i catch myself off the wagon, i am able to observe myself without any judgement these days and immediately know what to be done without inner conflicts or struggle. I believe if you can control your food ( i went completely vegan 4 years ago ) you can begin to control anything in life (smile)



My first MEME 🙂


Oh the fun of YOGA……


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